What are ETF CFDs?

ETFs are tradable, financial instruments that track assets like commodities, bonds, an index or a basket of assets. When trading ETFs, you can invest in an entire sector, rather than just in one instrument. Unlike mutual funds you trade ETFs on your own behalf.

More and more investors are turning to ETFs to express their investment views, suggesting that ETFs also prove to be attractive in volatile markets. When you trade ETFs as CFDs you are not buying the ETF, instead you are investing in the price movements. Here at TRADE.com you can trade CFDs on a whole range of the most popular ETFs covering a broad spectrum of sectors. Open trades in either direction, no matter whether you think the price of ETF will rise or fall. If you think the ETF price will rise place a BUY (long) position. If you think the price will fall place a SELL (short) position.


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Take a view on a market sector or a region with ETFs as CFDs.

Trade on Leverage

When trading ETF CFDs with TRADE.com, trade with leverage. What is leverage? Open large deals with a comparatively small investment, which increases your reward and risk potential.

Factors that Move ETFs

A variety of factors can move ETFs. These include earnings reports, news, geopolitics, interest rate decisions and Technological advancements. Stay on top of these events with our resources and tools.

Managing ETF CFD risk

You can set automatic limit orders like Take-Profit and Stop-Loss easily. By setting your exit points, you can manage multiple trades and better contain risks.


Express your views on market sectors or regions, by trading ETFs with TRADE.com.

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